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Frank Lloyd Wright's 150th Birthday!

We recently celebrated the 150th birthday of Mr. Frank Lloyd Wright.  Our celebration took place at the Wright Ranch in the beautiful Santa Monica Mountains, the home of Eric Lloyd Wright, grandson of Frank Lloyd Wright.  It was a joy for us to share our passion and commitment to ensuring the continuing legacy of Organic Architecture and Eric's incredible life story as an embodiment of that lifestyle.

Guests enjoyed viewing clips from our documentary series The Wright Legacy of Organic Architecture.  We are committed to sharing this wonderful legacy and educating future generations on the importance and relevance of Organic Architecture, both as a way of life and a conscious effort to promote green and alternative building practices.  Please visit www.organiclegacy.org to view the clips and learn more about this amazing and important project.

The show is developed and produced through Greener Productions, founded by the Chief Associates of Eric Lloyd Wright & Associates, Kevin Parkhurst and Hannah Wear.  Our mission is to educate and activate people to be creative, aware and engaged in their communities and to promote socially and environmentally responsible action in all aspects of life.  

For more information please visit our website at www.organiclegacy.org.