DIG is proud to introduce Greener Productions, our platform for producing shows and documentaries to inspire and educate on organic architecture and lifestyle, plus much more.

Our debut show The Wright Legacy of Organic Architecture is currently in production.  Frank Lloyd Wright, one of the most well-known architects in the world, coined the term “Organic Architecture” and brought its principles into use in modern day architecture. He spent his entire life developing and perfecting its practice. In the words of his grandson, Eric Lloyd Wright, and others who studied, lived, and worked directly with Frank Lloyd Wright, these programs give us a personal look into the family, philosophies, and projects of Organic Architecture like never seen before. From the foundations up we will explore the Wright family legacy of interweaving civilization and human habitation with the natural world.

Please join Eric Lloyd Wright and his associates as we explore the inspiring philosophies, touching stories and legendary projects that have put the Wright family’s Organic Legacy on the architectural maps forever – a legacy built upon the basic understanding that human civilization best serves itself when it lives and grows in harmony with nature.

To learn more about this wonderful project and view a clip of the show, please go www.organiclegacy.org